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All the product reviews in this website have been written by professional reviewers, well conversant in their respective fileds and are provided as a free public service.

The objective of the reviews is to provide consumers with as accurate an picture of the products as is possible with the available resources at hand.

Since the focus of this website is to provide best buy information, per se the products are chosen on the basis of their market status, as well as consumer demand for more information about these products.

All the products that are featured for a review have to qualify with a common criteria: they have to be bestsellers, as per the available sales statistics. All our reviews are accurate, to the best of our knowledge.

The reviewers draw their basic background information about the product and the solution it offers from various sources including medical and technology sources, while the finer details of the product itself are drawn from the relevant website, marketing and promotional materials, user feedback and wherever permitted we have quoted directly from the product.

Copyright issues compel us from reproducing content or structure of the product itself, unless authorized by the author or agency.

While we are committed to provide you an objective, disinterested review and analysis of every product, be informed that we are also marketing affiliates for many of them.

However, although we recommend these products, we do not guarantee that these products will provide the same results for everyone, although in general, the performance of each product is exceptional.

The fact that there has been a refund rate of less than 2% speaks volumes about the quality of the products we choose for review, as well as the accuracy of our reviews.

We also do not undertake any financial liability, refund liability or any liability for any claims or consequences subsequent to the purchase of the product.

Your purchase of any product through links in this website solely relies upon your discretion and your responsibility. You are adviced to check other sources for information as well.

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